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FFL - Federally Licensed firearms dealer

You want guns and ammo? We may be able to help! Due to recent events it can be very difficult to find firearms and ammo, while my suppliers and lack of overhead will allow me to beat most pricing, I am finding it difficult to get my hands on firearms as well, BUT!…Send me an email with what you’re looking for and let me see what I can do.

My transfer fee is $25.  What does that mean? If you purchase your firearm from an online store, you have to have it sent to an FFL Dealer who will perform the background check and transfer the firearm into your name. One of the best online stores is Bud’s Gun Shop! Their purchase power assures they usually have guns in stock and offer some of the best pricing. Check them out and when you choose your FFL, choose “Michigan CPL Training Academy”

For ammo and/or firearms please email: ffl@cplschool.com

Are you wanting to get your CPL?  We can help! Click HERE for info and to register for a class.

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