michigan cpl training academy
westland, mi

Win $200 in october

To win all you have to do is reserve your time on the Double Tap range by October 31st.  At the end of your session you will be run through a 5 target steel challenge that is timed.  Best time at the end of the month will win $200!  It’s that simple! Visit my Facebook page to see the current leader and and time to beat.  Can you beat the current top score? Complete rules on the bottom of this page.

Ammo Shortage and prices keeping you off the range? Do you want to save your ammo instead of wasting it punching holes in paper?

Train virtually and save your ammo!
For novice and expert shooters!
Build skills, accuracy and confidence!

you can do so much more on our virtual range than you can at a live fire range!
Things like engage multiple targets, moving targets, target transitions, move while shooting, holster draws all in a safe, clean, and fun setting!

  • Clean, safe & fun atmosphere!
  • Build confidence in a risk free environment!
  • Economical alternative to  traditional gun ranges!
  • Judgement-free zone!
  • Immersive 180″ Screen!
  • Highly accurate simulated training!
  • Authentic guns with and without realistic recoil!
  • Target shooting, Dueling tree, speed & timed drills!
  • Shoot indoor year round!
  • Compete against friends & family for bragging rights!

Range Pricing

  • Half hour $25 (Extra shooter $10)
  • One hour $45 (Extra Shooter $20)
  • C02 Powered Recoil enabled pistols $5 each (Includes 3 magazines about 80 shots per magazine)
  • Packages and membership pricing coming soon!

Contest rules:

Must rent the Double Tap range to participate. Every member of your group will get a chance to compete.  The software will run you through the course 5 times. You must hit each of the four white targets once, in any order you wish and then the red target to stop the clock.  For each white target you miss, when you stop the clock,  you will receive a 3 second penalty.  Each individual time you run through is recorded, the highest score is dropped and the four remaining scores are tallied to total your score.  In the event of a tie, the lowest score of each single run will be used to break the tie, in the event those are also a tie, the next lowest score will be used and so on until a winner is determined. Because this is a skill based competition, you may only win one prize every 6 months.