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CPL Training Classroom Plymouth MIBest 1 Day CPL Classes in Plymouth Township, Michigan!

 If you’re searching for a CPL training course in Plymouth Township, MI you’ve come to exactly the right place. You’ve reached the best Concealed Pistol classes in Plymouth Township and our entire state.

Here at Michigan CPL Training Academy, we take a practical and fun approach to your education in self-defense. Our classes are not “Tacti-cool”. You won’t learn how to kick down doors and clear rooms.

What you will learn is conflict avoidance through situational awareness, basic handgun skills, and perhaps most importantly, how to stay out of prison if you ever have to brandish or fire your gun in a self-defense scenario.

At M.C.T.A., we aim to provide you the most comprehensive training possible. In our one-day concealed pistol license class in Plymouth Township, MI, you can not only earn your license, but will understand how to carry a firearm safely and stay within the law.

Top Notch CPL Training Class Near Plymouth Township 

In approximately eight hours, our one-day CPL classes will teach you techniques, strategies and to stay adherent to the law such as:

  • Michigan Specific Firearms Law
  • Dealing with Police Encounters While Carrying Concealed
  • What To Expect After A Defensive Encounter
  • Handling A Police Investigation
  • Conflict avoidance
  • And more

All our classes include five hours plus of classroom training and three hours of combined virtual and live-fire drills. You are encouraged you to bring your own firearms and ammunition.  If you do not already own a firearm, do not rush out and buy one!  I go over exactly how to purchase the right gun for you, so you do not buy something you later regret! We do have guns available to rent.

As always, our classes are geared towards both beginner and intermediate shooters, and we can guarantee we will never make anyone feel left out, un-knowledgeable, or left behind.

Even if you have never shot a gun, you’re welcome in our class. We will cover things such as shooting fundamentals, home defense, threat recognition, and the difference between defensive shooting techniques and marksmanship. We also cover some more advanced marksmanship techniques and touch a bit on self-defense tactics to help tip the scale in your odds during a defensive encounter. M.C.T.A. is Plymouth’s best and most well-rounded training course. 

CPL training PlymouthTo Take a CPL Class in Plymouth Township, Michigan, contact us today!

At M.C.T.A., we strive to always be as responsive to our customers as possible. We will always freely share our knowledge, and wish for you to have the safest, most enjoyable, and downright best experience possible.

Give us a call us at: 313.473.0002

Our office hours are 9am – 6pm Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, but you can call us seven days a week between 9AM and 8PM. We are almost always available any time to answer your questions or schedule you for a class.

When you call, we can answer any questions you may have about gear, equipment, or ammunition; sign you up for personal shooting lessons; or schedule you for one of our many conveniently timed and located CCW Classes in Plymouth Township.

Your CPL Could Save Your Life

With so much uncertainty in the world it very may well be your firearm and your CPL training that saves your life.

Few of us have faced times as uncertain as these. We hope you never have to draw a firearm to defend yourself, however if you do after our class, we’re confident you’ll be prepared.

Give us a call today and take your safety into your own hands. We know you will not regret it!

201 S Main St, Plymouth, MI 48170