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The finest CPL Classes in Taylor, Michigan

CPL Classroom Taylor, Michigan
Michigan CPL Training Academy in Taylor, Michigan

Welcome to the home of the highest-value CPL classes in all of Michigan.

We’re Michigan CPL Training Academy, and we’re here to help you keep you and your family safe through weapons and CPL education.
If you’ve been saying to yourself, “The world is becoming scary and unrecognizable, and I really need to protect myself and look for a high quality and reasonably priced CPL course in Taylor,” you’ve absolutely come to the right place. 

My name is Karl Kessler, and I am the founder of Michigan CPL Training Academy.
I have decades of weapons-training experience, I am a USCCA certified concealed carry instructor, and my Taylor CPL class will teach you everything you need to know about carrying a concealed weapon within the bounds of the law, as well as serving as your Michigan mandated training requirement to get your concealed pistol license with the state.

Get My CPL License in Taylor, Michigan Today!

All of our approximately eight hour classes aim to provide the most complete one-day CPL courses in Michigan. We will teach you to keep yourself safe, within the law, and out of jail.

We’ll teach you everything from basic weapons handling, to the laws of the state as they pertain to carrying a concealed pistol, and dealing with police encounters. 

What you won’t learn is how to repel down a building, smash through a window, and take out all the bad guys. This is serious CPL training aimed at keeping you and your family safe at all times.
This isn’t a fantasy class and we will be covering real-life scenarios that you might find yourself or your family in. 

In our one-day concealed pistol license class in Taylor, MI, you will learn things like: 

  • Correct pistol handling in a defensive encounter 
  • The psychology and physiology of a defensive encounter 
  • What might happen before and after a defensive encounter

Most importantly you’ll learn how to keep yourself OUT of an encounter where you would need your pistol. We can’t guarantee you will never face an attacker or an assailant. But we can assure you we can get you ready to face whatever may come your way. 

All of our courses include around five hours of classroom drills and instruction, and an additional three to four hours at our digital and live fire shooting range. This class is for everyone: you’re just as welcome if you’ve never shot a pistol as if you’ve been shooting since you were a preteen.
We aim to make absolutely everyone feel comfortable with their firearms and with defending themselves.

Keep Your Family Safe With CPL Training Class Near Taylor Michigan

Because we believe everyone has the right to defend themselves, you don’t necessarily need to own a pistol to come to our Michigan CPL training classes. In fact, we have pistols to rent and this can be a great way to see what might work best for you. 

When it comes to pistols, if the brand is reputable, much of what the “best” pistol for you might be comes down to personal preference. For some, a Glock-19 is perfect, for others a Smith and Wesson Shield may feel better.
 It’s up to you. Renting one of our pistols can be a great way to find out. 

Of course, if you already own a firearm you are encouraged to bring it. In addition, for a small extra fee, after most classes we hold firearms cleaning and maintaining sessions so you can learn to properly care for your tools.  

Even if you’ve never shot a pistol before in your life, or you’re an excellent shot who would like to finally get their license, you are welcome in our Taylor CCW class. We always instruct for safety first, and make certain everyone will feel comfortable studying with Michigan CPL Training Academy. 

A Michigan CPL Class in Taylor To Keep Your Family Safe

If you would like to take the next step in keeping your family safe from the uncertainty and upset in the world, give us a call today and make a move to protect those you love. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have, about ammunition, or weapons, or training, or laws, and get you signed up for a class. 

If you would prefer to contact us by email we can be reached at: registration@cplschool.com for registration or scheduling, or karl@cplschool.com for class or technical gun questions.

We want to thank you for giving our CPL courses a look. Give us a call today and take the next step in protecting your family. You won’t regret it.